The Lord Captain has forbidden me to write down the events of our journey, but what use is a remembrancer who does not remember? I can only hope that, if we survive, this journal will be a record of victory over these traitors and not an account of the end of our Imperium.

The Emperor protects. ~J

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

XII. Auto-clade

This is a busy time at work and I'm not getting as much hobby time as I'd like. My first Astartes is coming along though. I'm going to try a big push this weekend to get him finished.

As always though, a big reason he's taking time to complete is my total inability to stick to one job at a time. I've been distracted working on a couple of other miniatures.

The first is a Murder Servitor. These appear in the third Horus Heresy rule book from Forge World and are described as skull faced and armed with crude cutting and stabbing weapons. I kit-bashed this creature from a Dark Eldar Wrack with a head made from a servo skull.

The second is a Cydonian Sister, one of the tech-adept assassins of the Mechanicum. More Dark Eldar bits, a Fantasy Dark Elf witch and a head made from half a servo skull, half a sister of slaughter head and a bit of green stuff to blend it all together.


  1. Awesome work! The Iron Hands marine is looking better and better (easily one of my favorites I have ever seen)! I really like the dull grey/black of his armor.

    The murder servitor is looking great too. The skull head looks superb, particularly in how high up it is elevated (makes him even creepier!).

    The little snub-nosed pistol on the Cydonian Sister is wonderful. I might consider cutting the gems of the base of the pistol and replacing them with a rear site to aim the weapon.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Thanks Adam. The long neck on the murder servitor was more by accident than design, but I really like it too. I'm hoping to make a unit of three of these chaps and I've a feeling this first one may turn out to be the one with the shortest neck.

      I like the idea of some kind of sight on the pistol, I'll give it some thought.