The Lord Captain has forbidden me to write down the events of our journey, but what use is a remembrancer who does not remember? I can only hope that, if we survive, this journal will be a record of victory over these traitors and not an account of the end of our Imperium.

The Emperor protects. ~J

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

XVII. Duke Ko

I must confess that, when I began the ‘Euripides’ project, I had only the vaguest of ideas of what I wanted to do. I certainly had no definite end product in mind. I knew I wanted to explore the Age of Darkness. I also knew that the idea of a rag-tag group of shattered survivors appealed more to me that the full glory of an Astartes Legion in all its strength. Like everyone who starts a project without a plan, I suffered false starts and dead ends, but recently I have begun to feel shapes, structure and themes emerging organically from the chaos.
My last finished model, the Astropath Jaysha Kree, now feels like a turning point. She is a miniature that grew and evolved and took on a life of her own. It almost feels like I built her and then worked out what she is. I fear now I may have been slightly wrong in saying she is of the Mechanicum. Time to rewrite history, or at least tinker with it.

In the last few days, I built a new miniature and again, I’ve had to work out what it is I have built. The answer feels like for the first time, I know what I’m doing.

This is Duke Ko, the Herald of Myleth.

The Knight World Orasto was discovered late in the Great Crusade. A Mechanicum Explorator fleet made first contact and were welcomed as long lost brothers. Orasto had been isolated so long that they were surprised to learn that other humans existed. When these new machine-men were able to repair ancient, long dormant knights, surprise turned to delight. Treaties were signed, oaths sworn and the Mechanicum established an embassy in Orasto’s chief city.

 Now, a mere twenty five years later, the Knights of Orasto find themselves caught up in the wars of the Age of Darkness. Their loyalty is to the Omnissiah and they eagerly joined the forces who combat the Traitor. Given the short time that the Mechanicum has been on Orasto, the Knight Houses still enjoy a large degree of independence. Unlike other Mechanicum aligned houses, which have become virtual thralls to their Forge Worlds, the men and women of Orasto regard the Mechanicum as allies and brothers in arms rather than overlords.

 The Euripides found a small group of battered and bloodied Orastian Knights, survivors of a massacre, and rescued them to fight another day. Their leader is Yol Myleth and Duke Ko is his herald. Proudly displaying the colours of his house (now incorporating the symbol of their Mechanicum allies), Duke Ko announces his leader, reciting the litanies of blessing, the lineage of his house and the deeds of notable ancestors: all of this amplified through the speaker of the cyberskull which never leaves his side.

Right now ideas are coming thick and fast of things to build. I feel like I have to get them started, so painting might be put on hold for a while as I concentrate on forming plastic and resin into interesting shapes. I’m really quite excited.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

XVI. Building in Iron

I did some work on building Iron Hand number two today. He's more or less finished and ready to paint, but I'll probably set him aside for a while. I'm increasingly finding that if I come back to a mini after a break from it, I can spot how it needs to be improved.

Friday, 10 April 2015

XV. Super Creeps

Everyone has gone a little Mechanicum/Mechanicus crazy, including me ... and I haven't even bought the new kits yet. The last couple of days has seen a 100 percent increase in the number of Murder Servitors I have built. I can now boast a squad of two,

Meanwhile, work continues on my second Iron Hand astartes. The legs have been extended and I've finished the torso.

The next step will be to finish the legs by adding the armour plates to cover the pteruges.

Friday, 3 April 2015

XIV. Broken Things

Jaysha Kree is the personal Astropath to Magos Kalindra, mistress of the Mechanicum contingent aboard the Euripides. A telepath of extraordinary talent apparently, but the Soul Binding took an awful toll on her young body. It left her broken, but did not kill her and the Mechanicum took her did what they could. I've seen tech adepts with whole new bodies of brass and steel, but Jaysha refused to give up so much of her humanity: instead her shattered form is kept alive by Kalindra's machines.


It's been a long time since I picked up a brush. March is the busiest time of the year for me at work, and that, followed by a couple of weeks of flu has kept me away from my minis.

Now with work easing off and the flu gone (apart from a lingering cough), I've had time to finish a mini I started a long time ago now.

Thanks for taking the time to look.