The Lord Captain has forbidden me to write down the events of our journey, but what use is a remembrancer who does not remember? I can only hope that, if we survive, this journal will be a record of victory over these traitors and not an account of the end of our Imperium.

The Emperor protects. ~J

Saturday, 27 September 2014

VI. Oleg Miletus

"Below the embarkation deck lies a small chamber, unadorned and lit only by worklamps. This is where Oleg Miletus spends his waking hours, surrounded by his tools, stripped down weapons and chattering servo skulls. Most call him the Quartermaster and it is Miletus' role to maintain the arms and equipment of the Euridipes' crewmen.

"Oleg Miletus is old. His shaven head, with its hardwired data cable and the servo arm, of his own design, sprouting from his back gives him an odd appearance. Kal opined that Miletus wishes he was one of the Mechanicum. I cannot speak for the truth of that, but he does spend time deep in conversation with the Magos, when he can. At his hip he carries an armour plate from one of Mars' metal men, as though it were a sacred relic.

"It reminds me of what we stand to lose, should we fail", he once told me. 

"Miletus joined the Great Crusade as a young man and has given all his adult life to serving the Euripides, but though his body may be frail, his mind is still as sharp as a knife. He does not rest in his work and the ship's Armsmen often find that Miletus has 'improved' their weapons with his own modifications while they slept."



  1. Nice any plans on doing the bridge crew those would make a nice officer

  2. I will be doing some bridge crew at some point I'm sure. I'm still not entirely decided on the look I'm aiming for with the crew though, but thanks for giving me food for thought.

  3. I just chose your blog for the Liebster award, if you'd care to head over to -Pontifex- you can see the questions and suchlike.

    1. Thanks Quinn, that's a massive compliment. I hope you don't mind if I take my time answering the questions as I want to give this some thought. I may struggle to pass it on though. I'm very new to this blogging lark and I doubt I know any blogs that aren't already well known in hobby circles.

      Thanks again :)